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Martial Law

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Two instances of Military training exercises have been reported in Miami and Houston neighborhoods in the past few days, with the Houston exercise taking place in broad daylight near a school and Miami near the stadium where a basketball game was ending. They both included blank automatic fire from troops aboard AH Littlebirds and Black Hawks, while the Houston exercise featured troops “occupying” yards and parts of a high school.

AH Little Bird


Black Hawk


I know I’m not the only one who finds this suspicious. Is the the first in many training exercises where the military and local police simulate occupying cities and firing on civilians? I have a feeling they’re going to get people used to it, calling it “preparation for overseas training.” Then, when the time is right, when it’s least expected, start using live rounds. Call me crazy all you want. Galileo was called the same thing when he presented his model for a heliocentric earth. Hold on to your guns people, take advantage of your Second Amendment right while it’s still around. I’m afraid for this country, I’m afraid of what can and most likely will happen to those of us who cherish the Constitution.

Houston Exercise:

Miami Exercise:

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A Holly Jolly Messy Christmas

December 27, 2012 Leave a comment

This Christmas I received an incredible gift from my incredible parents (not that they haven’t given me incredible things before, nor to say that my parents weren’t incredible before).

For a while I’ve been looking to get a Mosin-Nagant, a WWI-WWII Russian bolt action rifle. They’re pretty common (some 37 million were made), and pretty inexpensive (they usually go for less than $150), and are pretty cool fully-functional relics. Christmas morning, after opening up a few things (some sweet argyle sweaters, a Steak n’ Shake cup, The Labyrinth on DVD (it’s okay to be jealous now)), I looked behind the tree to find a long wrapped box with my name attatched (a la A Christmas Story). The thing was heavy but I had no idea what it could’ve been. Well, needless to say, after I had opened it up I was very surprised and very excited.

Here's the whole thing before it's cleaned

Here’s the whole thing before it was cleaned


It came with the original leather ammo pouch, strap, field tool kit, lubricant/cleaning container, and bayonet. Pretty sweet, huh?



Mosin Nagants entered service in 1891 and stopped production in 1961, so they had a pretty long history. This particular rifle was made in 1939. Because of its age it (along with everything it came with) was covered in cosmoline to keep it preserved. It’s nasty stuff, really gooey and smells like grease. Thankfully the stuff comes off when submerged in boiling water, along with a post-wipedown.


The bayonet and tool kit are getting all squeaky clean.





The rifle is pretty easy to disassemble, all you have to do is pull the bolt out, unscrew a couple screws, take off the two rings in the front, and slide the barrel and trigger mechanism out! Everything except the wooden stock was placed in a large bin and submerged in boiling water. After a couple hours of re-submerging and wiping, the rifle came out looking b-e-a-utiful. Although the bore is still pretty nasty, but after some more run-throughs with bore cleaning tools and some firing it will be good as new in no time.





Next on my firearms wishlist? A Czech CZ-82.


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I feel fine.

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Even though it’s the end of the world.

See what I did there?

But yeah people. December 21st, 2012. It’s here. Now. And it’ll be the end of the world. Soon.

Or maybe it’ll be the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. In that case I’m totally prepared. I have my holdout planned, and there’s plenty of room for others.

The John C. Pace Library at UWF.


Isn’t it beautiful?

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The Coumadin’s Time is Wearing THIN

September 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Did you see what I did there? I made a pun.


ANYWAYS, the title is actually wrong. The coumadin’s time is as thin as it could possibly get, which means it’s completely gone. That’s right, no more coumadin! Someone get streamers and confetti and throw it at me!

I took my last pill two nights ago, but when I took it I didn’t think it was my last. Then last night my mom says “Wait, hasn’t it been a month since we saw Dr. Collins (my hematologist)?” “Oh yeah! SWEET!” And that’s that. Although I still have a spare lovenox shot and several pills left over just in case.

It’s pretty cool to know that coumadin was originally designed to be a rodent control substance. The rats would eat the pills while it was hidden in some sort of foodstuff, and they would soon after bleed to death from injuring themselves because their blood was so thin. Now it’s intended for human use! Interesting, huh?

So yup, that’s that. And now I’m really really happy because I can donate blood and plasma and indulge myself in blueberries! What more could you want?!

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Some Practical Advices

September 6, 2012 2 comments

I have learned a lot of things over the course of my 19 years on this earth. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean I remembered everything. Some of these things I learned came in handy for a short period of time (I can direct you to numerous tests from high school containing things I never once needed after said tests), others I have remembered ever since. Because I feel like I should pass on these things, and because I feel like I should post something on this website for fear of letting dust settle on it (if you know me, you know how I feel about dust and dirty thi-SMUDGE ON MY SCREEN!!!), I will post some practical, funny, random, and probably useless things I have learned.

  • If someone says that monitor is broken, plug it into another computer. Chances are it will work juuuust fine.
  • If a doctor says “there’s no risk” then GET A SECOND OPINION. Trust me. You ever wonder why half my medical posts are there?
  • Never trust a pirate.
  • See that bag of skittles? I don’t advise you eat them all in one sitting. Because I must have some too.
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Do a little background research on the people you make study groups in college with. You never know when one might be a creepy stalker person with a veeeery colorful personality.
  • However, MAKE SURE you make a study group in whatever class in college. They can be life savers.
  • When in doubt, press Up+B
  • The best way to keep the creme center of an Oreo on the Oreo is to twist the top half before removing.
  • If something’s not working, call customer service. You just might get a full refund even after warranty.
  • Mac running a little sluggish? Hold Cmd+Opt+P+R at startup to dump NVRAM and regain a little speed.
  • Just because your glasses are bendable doesn’t mean you should bend them. They might decide to snap at random.
  • Don’t believe everything everyone says. ALWAYS ASK FOR SOURCES.
  • French fries have a shelf life of 5 minutes. Unless you’ve mastered resurrecting french fries, eat them all and don’t bother saving them.
  • Don’t try to hide candy from me.
  • Wash windows with windex and NEWSPAPER. Sounds weird, right? Well it works!
  • If you use a Windows computer then press the Shift key five times. I don’t ever use Sticky Keys, but it makes a strangely addicting beep!
  • Don’t eat too much food on Thanksgiving. Chances are you won’t listen to me though.
  • If you do eat too much food, immediately take a walk. It’ll decrease your chances of explosion by approximately 59.42333%
  • Don’t always trust a single movie reviewer.
  • Hit the deck first, ask questions later.
  • Never ride your ripstik onto an overly-gravely driveway. Your elbow might not ever forgive you.
  • If you enjoy dubstep, DON’T.
  • Always have a cat handy.
  • Make sure your picture frames are level. A level frame is a happy frame!
  • Never forget your camera’s memory card. EVER.
  • Always have a backup camera card. ALWAYS.
  • Never get fizzy Skittles.
  • Never get chocolate Skittles.
  • Never get chocolate Twizzlers.
  • Don’t bother looking for individual Skittle flavors. Trust me, they don’t sell them.
  • If you know you can’t keep plants alive, then DON’T BUY A PLANT.
  • If you know you can’t keep planets alive, then DON’T BUY A PLANET.
  • If your soccer coach tells you not to mess up, then you better not.
  • Don’t eat pork rinds. Because that’s just nasty!
  • And last but not truly last because I might have more on another day: always ask for no ice at restaurants. Seriously, the drink is already cold, why water it down and reduce the amount of space your drink can fit in!


Wasn’t that just fun! I’d be surprised if you said yes. But I guess it’s up to you, my faithful reader(s). Like I said, I’ll probably get bored again and write more about advice I’ve learned. Aren’t you just excited!

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And The Squid is Gone

August 15, 2012 4 comments

Stanford Medical Center is incredible. And as a result, the IVC filter is finally gone from my body.

I went in for pre-op at 10:00, and I was ready for surgery by 11:30. From the time I was taken to pre-op to the moment I was initially sedated I was able to talk to the amazing staff caring for me (which is usually one of the best parts of being in a hospital). Word of advice: if you are ever hospitalized, talk to and befriend the nurses and surgeons.

I was woken up partway through the surgery so I could be told to turn my head certain ways and do some other stuff. It was really cool talking to the surgeons while they were operating on me! They would ask if I could feel certain prods and pokes, and they would let me know if I was going to feel any pain at all (which there wasn’t much of).

But when all was finished, they showed me the filter.

And then I cried.

Knowing that they had successfully removed the very thing that had given me such a hard time for nearly a year was overwhelming.

Well, “successfully removed” is somewhat relative. There are still two of the filter’s prongs embedded in scar tissue outside of my vein (because it had perforated through the wall). The surgeon (Dr. Kuo, who I HIGHLY recommend you see for all your interventional radiology needs) said that those pieces are perfectly fine where they are, and if he were to try to remove them he could severely damage the vein. Not something I’d like to happen. Another piece of the filter had broken off and was in serious danger of traveling up the vein and into vital organs. Had we not gotten to him when we did, things could have gone veeeery badly.

But, apart from taking some lovenox shots and coumadin for a few days, I am now free from the oppression of the filter. And I am happy.


Praise the Lord.

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Updates are just pure fun, aren’t they?

July 19, 2012 Leave a comment

You said it, title. But they’re also informative, thoughtful, and good to do if you have some spare time to kill.

In fact, I have an update right now!

So if you know me or have followed this blog (you’re a true friend if you’re in both groups, just thought you should know that :D ), you know that there was a big medical fiasco coming up on a year ago. Not a huge deal, just a minor point of my 19 years of life. Anyhoo, one of these issues was the removal of my IVC filter. It’s actually an alien squid thing that’s probably growing as we speak, feeding off of me until the time is right and all the other alien squids are called to destroy all of humanity for no reason except that their own planet’s amusement parks are really boring and they really really want Disney World and Busch Gardens. Two unsuccessful surgeries later, I’m left wondering how this thing’s gonna come out. Then providence ensues, and now I have a date with a hospital in Stanford, California. Top notch doctors and equipment galore! Not to mention San Francisco is right up the road. It’s pretty awesome because when that day comes around, I’ll have been in Atlanta exactly a year before! Cool, huh?

So yup, this thing better tremble with fear because come August 14th, it’s comin’ OUT!!!


Oh, and I also have some pictures of the clot. Wanna see?


There it is!
















After the surgery. See the difference?

















And theeeeere’s the little alien itself. Yeah, you keep laughing to yourself, vermin!




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