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Martial Law

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Two instances of Military training exercises have been reported in Miami and Houston neighborhoods in the past few days, with the Houston exercise taking place in broad daylight near a school and Miami near the stadium where a basketball game was ending. They both included blank automatic fire from troops aboard AH Littlebirds and Black Hawks, while the Houston exercise featured troops “occupying” yards and parts of a high school.

AH Little Bird


Black Hawk


I know I’m not the only one who finds this suspicious. Is the the first in many training exercises where the military and local police simulate occupying cities and firing on civilians? I have a feeling they’re going to get people used to it, calling it “preparation for overseas training.” Then, when the time is right, when it’s least expected, start using live rounds. Call me crazy all you want. Galileo was called the same thing when he presented his model for a heliocentric earth. Hold on to your guns people, take advantage of your Second Amendment right while it’s still around. I’m afraid for this country, I’m afraid of what can and most likely will happen to those of us who cherish the Constitution.

Houston Exercise:

Miami Exercise:

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