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A Holly Jolly Messy Christmas

This Christmas I received an incredible gift from my incredible parents (not that they haven’t given me incredible things before, nor to say that my parents weren’t incredible before).

For a while I’ve been looking to get a Mosin-Nagant, a WWI-WWII Russian bolt action rifle. They’re pretty common (some 37 million were made), and pretty inexpensive (they usually go for less than $150), and are pretty cool fully-functional relics. Christmas morning, after opening up a few things (some sweet argyle sweaters, a Steak n’ Shake cup, The Labyrinth on DVD (it’s okay to be jealous now)), I looked behind the tree to find a long wrapped box with my name attatched (a la A Christmas Story). The thing was heavy but I had no idea what it could’ve been. Well, needless to say, after I had opened it up I was very surprised and very excited.

Here's the whole thing before it's cleaned

Here’s the whole thing before it was cleaned


It came with the original leather ammo pouch, strap, field tool kit, lubricant/cleaning container, and bayonet. Pretty sweet, huh?



Mosin Nagants entered service in 1891 and stopped production in 1961, so they had a pretty long history. This particular rifle was made in 1939. Because of its age it (along with everything it came with) was covered in cosmoline to keep it preserved. It’s nasty stuff, really gooey and smells like grease. Thankfully the stuff comes off when submerged in boiling water, along with a post-wipedown.


The bayonet and tool kit are getting all squeaky clean.





The rifle is pretty easy to disassemble, all you have to do is pull the bolt out, unscrew a couple screws, take off the two rings in the front, and slide the barrel and trigger mechanism out! Everything except the wooden stock was placed in a large bin and submerged in boiling water. After a couple hours of re-submerging and wiping, the rifle came out looking b-e-a-utiful. Although the bore is still pretty nasty, but after some more run-throughs with bore cleaning tools and some firing it will be good as new in no time.





Next on my firearms wishlist? A Czech CZ-82.


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