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It’s the Beginning of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (?)

I’ve always wondered if Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. A lot of people seem to get more enjoyment out of going to the beach in the Summer than spending hours at stores buying stuff for their kids only to wait outside a Walmart return line to return those gifts (because they’re the wrong ones! Sally wanted the Justin Bieber in ASTRONAUT GEAR Ken doll!) the morning after Christmas. I certainly think Christmas for me personally is probably the most wonderful time of the year. But I also think that licorice is amazing, but…not a whole lot of people like that. More for me!

But today is December 1st, the official beginning of the Christmas holiday season! **Cough cough Walmart. And Barnes & Noble. And Chick-fil-A. And Tom Thumb. And Every freaking store.** And the beginning of the Christmas season means something special to me and a few others. Every Christmas season since I was in 10th grade my old classmates and I have listened to George Winston’s Christmas themed piano solo album entitled “December.” Winston is an as-stounding  pianist and will most likely bring a tear to your eye some time in listening to December. I used to listen to it on Grooveshark.com or YouTube before my parents so lovingly bought me a vinyl record version last year….and I’ve been waiting an entire year to finally listen to it. I can hear it now…those record pops and hisses…the sound of the needle hitting the vinyl….the smell of the album cover….ah yes, it’s gonna be a great Christmas this year.













I’ve already spread this tradition of listening to December one month of the year to one or two others, but it would be amazing if this could spread. Imagine, entire websites and facebook (and Google+ as well in my case) statuses saying “27 days ’till I can listen to December!” The desire for the magic of the Christmas season would weal up until people can’t take it anymore, and just when they think they’re gonna pop…December 1st hits, and records come out.

But it is a small special tradition at the moment, and I’ll cherish it that way. Now, excuse me while I get my record player.


Oh yes, this is gonna be a great Christmas.

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